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About Travel and Transportation

Policy Information:

All study abroad programs include travel by various means. In the past, transportation-related accidents have resulted in the death or injury of study abroad students. Administrators should seek to create policies that provide for the safest available means of transportation a country can offer students. In some countries, finding the best and safest method of travel may be challenging. Administrators can communicate with travel professionals, other study abroad program providers, and U.S. embassy and consular officials for advice.

Institutions could confirm that scheduled airlines have a positive record. Your institution’s study abroad office could also consider making sure that bus and other in-country transportation has appropriate safety records and that drivers have appropriate credentials. Institutions might even consider developing background checks on travel providers. Additionally, institutions could consider setting their own standards for what is considered safe travel in each country. If it is found that transportation may be unsafe, but a program is allowed to continue, then it becomes particularly important for students and parents to be informed. This way, participants may make educated decisions on whether they are willing to take the risks associated with a program.

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