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About Liability

Policy Information:

Most colleges and universities have some form of liability insurance. Study abroad program providers should evaluate whether coverage exists for accident or injuries that students may incur abroad. In cases where an institution considers them negligent, staff and faculty may not be covered. As lawsuits can be very expensive to fight, institutions should consider coverage that includes legal fees.

To protect administrators and staff from liability, it is essential that all university personnel who travel overseas to lead a program understand what is considered appropriate and inappropriate personal and professional behavior. They should also know whether or not their campus process would support them in case of legal action. Administrators should know and discuss their programs with individuals who can advise them on ways to reduce any liability threats or risks that may exist. Alberts, R. and Rhodes, G. (1997). Legal Issues. NAFSA’s Guide to Education Abroad for Advisors and Administrators, Second Edition. Washington, D.C.: NAFSA Association of International Educators, (pp. 364-365).

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