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About Developing Campus Crisis Management Team

Policy Information:

Study abroad administrators should consider forming a Crisis Management Team “both to help draft a written plan and to be available during a crisis situation.” (United Educators Insurance Risk Retention Group, Inc. Managing Liability series, p.17) The team would be responsible for creating, testing, implementing, evaluating, and revising the plan. All members of the team would contribute their potential problems and concerns, define their roles and responsibilities, establish clear lines of authority, as well as their responsibilities to each other for a coordinated effort. Key members may include:

  • Program Administrator
  • Other administrators
  • On-site Health Provider
  • On-site Counseling Provider
  • Insurance Representative
  • 24 Hour Assistance
  • U.S. college or university/Study abroad program support team
    • student affairs administrators
    • study abroad administrators
    • campus security officer
    • risk manager
    • legal counsel
    • health center
    • counseling center
    • public relations
    • president or chancellor’s office
  • U.S. Government representative (Embassy or Consular official)
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