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About Crime and Violence

Policy Information:

Crime and violence against students does occur abroad. Students have been victims of pick-pockets, robbery, sexual harassment and assault abroad. It is important to inform students about these realities abroad and to give them strategies for safety abroad. One way that institutions could better inform students is by having a better idea of the incidents of crime and violence abroad against their students by asking about it in evaluations.

Pre-departure and on-site orientations should provide information regarding the safety of the country/region the students are going to. If the possibility of political violence exists, students should be advised on how to minimize risks and avoid dangers so they do not become targets of political violence. Trouble in a country may justify the suspension of a program. Administrators should maintain contact with other study abroad offices and use the Internet as a resource to make those decisions. Slind, M.H., Herrin, D.C., & Gore, J. (1997). Health and Safety Issues. NAFSA’s Guide to Education Abroad for Advisors and Administrators, Second Edition, (p. 226).

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