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About Major Medical

Policy Information:

Major medical insurance includes coverage for all types of medical care one might need while abroad. Different policies have different levels of coverage. Institutions should include information about the insurance coverage available for study abroad and whether such insurance is required or recommended. Students need to be aware of their limits of coverage (pre-existing conditions, deductions, payment by reimbursement, no dental, etc.). A campus risk manager or insurance coordinator can assist in developing policies and guidelines for insurance tailored to students studying abroad.

The 2nd Edition of NAFSA's Guide to Study Abroad for Advisers and Administrators makes a strong statement about the importance of insurance coverage for students participating in study abroad programs: No college or education abroad program should allow a student to travel abroad without sufficient medical insurance coverage for all possible medical needs, including coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains, accident and life insurance. Many institutions can make arrangements to extend the policy that covers students on campus, sometimes for an extra fee (Slind, M.H., Herrin, D.C., & Gore, J. (1997). Health and Safety Issues. NAFSA's Guide to Education Abroad for Advisers and Administrators, Second Edition. Washington DC: NAFSA: Association of International Educators)

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