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SAFETI Clearinghouse
SAFETI Online Newsletter

Volume 3, Number 1, 2005 Edition

Updated Information and Resources on Travel Safety

Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT)

ASIRT is a non-profit, humanitarian organization that promotes road travel safety through education and advocacy, provides travelers with road safety information, and serves as a resource to governments, corporations, travel organizations, guidebooks, study abroad programs, health/travel clinics and non-governmental organizations. The Association also helps foster the development of new road safety organizations in other countries.

Road safety is arguably among the top safety issues for education abroad. ASIRT works with the American international education community to raise awareness of global road safety issues to help ensure the safety of students studying abroad. ASIRT provides study abroad professionals with the opportunity for membership in ASIRT which includes access to a newly published manual, A Global Road Safety Toolbox for the Study Abroad Community. ASIRT worked with the study abroad community to develop a road safety manual which specifically offers study abroad professionals a systematic approach for program and itinerary planning and student orientation. Effective planning requires the professional to become knowledgeable about road safety in a host country, apply the knowledge to the itinerary and educate the student about global and country-specific road realities and preventative techniques. ASIRT provides training workshops on use of the manual to interested institutions. ASIRT also offers individuals and study abroad members access to 160 country-specific road travel reports with comprehensive information about specific road, conditions and culture in those countries.

See for more information about membership, training and resources available.